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Friday, May 12, 2017

  This is absolutely a rant post, so I apologize in advance for my potenial 'F' word usage. So here we go...

 Why? It's like this two sided battle of who's right and wrong. One side wants to be alone, the other wants to be with their kids. It's turned into this shaming battle of nonsense. As an overtired, overemotional Mom I could literally give two fucking shits about how anyone else spends Mother's Day. SO WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE?! I've seen so many people say things like:
  "Oh you don't want to be with your kids? That's just sad. It's MOTHER'S day, they made you a Mom- blah blah blah"
  Then from the other side spews this tomfoolery:
  "You just don't get it because you get a break from your kid for this and that reason. You're doing it wrong. blah blah blah."

 As if there wasn't enough pressure to be a "Good Mom" these days. We literally get shamed for EVERY. CHOICE. WE. MAKE. Even if that choice is doing what others told us to do! If we share anything that we are doing with any other Mom you likely get that "Oh no honey, that's wrong. Here is 543 articles to prove it, and my pediatricians assistants boyfriend's, official statement on it." 
 There was a day where all we had to do was make sure your kid was fed, and happy. Now we've turned into gluten free, no tv, no screens, attachment parenting, organic, no sugar monsters who judge one another. We have a thumb on every second, of our kids life... but god forbid we don't the whole santicmommy crew is down your throat. 
  It's time to cut this bullshit out. You celebrate Mother's Day however you see fit. 

Happy Mother's day to the Moms who have it all figured out, and to the ones who go 10 seconds at a time. You all rock, but stop being suck a dick to each other. It takes a village people.


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