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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A year ago today Tater was in his second NICU stay. I was hit like a brick with postpartum depression today. Today was the day that it really sunk in. I was mentally sick, and I needed help. I was so ashamed to admit that I felt like a failure. I felt like I wasn't meant to be a Mom. I could do nothing but cry. MY baby was in the hospital AGAIN.
  I won't forget the moment I knew I NEEDED help. My best friend A, took me to lunch at our favorite local diner. On the way to the restaurant I just started sobbing. She had me pull over the car, and let me sob on the side of the road. After I stopped crying she told me it was time to call my doctor. I was put on anti depressants that day. I was filled to the brim with shame. When I got home that night I looked up "Postpartum Depression support" on Google. 
  I came across Postpartumprogress.com and joined their community. I read every single article I could until I could barely see straight. The Warrior Mom community saved my life, and helped me become the Mother I am, the Mother my son deserves. 
  A year ago I made it my mission to help women, and men stomp the stigma of mental health treatment. I made it my goal to make sure no woman ever felt alone when battling the mountain that is PPD/PPA. Our mental health is something we need to talk about more.
  Today I am strong. Today I am proud to say that I battled PPD. I am a Warrior Mom. 
                                            Together let's end the stigma. 

 All of the donations through my Paypal this month will go to Postpartum Progress so they can further help all the Warrior Moms.
  Please check out their website, and consider coming to the Warrior Mom conference!

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