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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sleeping? No.

 Please read this blog post in a similar matter to "Twas the night before Christmas"

   Twas 5 minutes past bed time, when all through the house
   Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse
   The blankets were made on the bed with great,
   A Mom hoped for sleep, someone answer the prayer
   All she had to do was get the baby snug in his bed,
   While visions of a bubble bath danced her head.
   She laid the baby down, and shut off the lights
   Kissed the babies head, and whispered "Night Night"
   She slowly backed out of the room when she heard his heart shatter.
   The baby was screaming, yet nothing was the matter.
    His Jammies were on, his belly was full, the diaper was clean
    What more could be wrong?
    With the tears in his eyes, and the frown on his face,
     I knew just in that moment bed time wouldn't be quick.
     Like clock work she picked him up, and kissed his sweet face
     All while crying on her own, and whispering his name.
     "Hush Tater, Hush Tater, you must go to sleep
      I don't want to hear another peep"
      He was soothed by her love and closed his sweet eyes
      "Now sleep sweet child, sleep all night."
       Merry sleepmas to all, and to all a full night.


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