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Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Friday.....

SO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! It's #Momtips Friday! Hurray. I've always loved Friday, but now that I get to share the stupidest mom advice I've seen this week, it's my favorite day! When I first started this it was just bad things that I heard. Now it's grown into something awesome! Not only do I get emails from viewers, I have people on my birth boards saving and sending all the stupid shit they see! You all have made #Momtips Friday into something way bigger than it was ever supposed to be and I love you for it! 
 This weeks collection is one close to my heart. I was fortunate enough to be apart of a thread on Baby Center that was a shit show. It started as an innocent "When can I give my baby rice cereal?" (Doctors don't recommend rice cereal until 4-6 months, please consult a pediatrician before starting your baby on any solids) post and evolved into a shit show. Really it was stupid, and hilarious.
  I also have one that was submitted via email. You all have turned #Momtips Friday into my day with the best views. You all rock! 
Let's get to it shall we?
 "You put beer on teething gums, and Tabasco on wasp bites. #Momtips"

"Never let your child chew on a frozen rag. They could choke on the fibers! Give them a chicken bone instead. #Momtips"

"I don't trust doctors, there is no reason to inject a DISEASE into my baby. #Momtips"

"If you can't afford a pack and play, just use your laundry basket. That's where my son sleeps every night. #Momtips" thank you Chrissy from Alabama for this gem!

I understand that some of those practices were common way back when. What I don't understand is why people are still using these methods when science has proven them outdated and dangerous... I really question society when I see things like this.... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this lovely mom tip Friday!
I'm going to go drink my OJ, and try to defeat this sickness!


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