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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

30 day fitness challenge

Normally, when I hear fitness challenge I think of "fitting this whole pizza into my mouth". I'm honestly a proud plus sized girl, but since having a baby my self confidence has drop to, oh you know zero.
  I figured it was time to lose the taco hell, and tone up my flabby flab flab. B and I started the 30 day abs, arms, and wallsit challenge. We are currently 8 days in. There is nothing like barely being able to do 45 sit ups that says "holy mother of god I am out of shape." Each day sucks more and more. 
I will continue to update on this stupid little adventure of mine. Also, I plan to do a before and after photo so all you lovey strangers can see just how dumb these challenges are. Or maybe it will work, and in thirty days I'll look like Jennifer Aniston. Doubt it.
Anyways! I'm sorry tonight's post was neither humorous or long. I hope you had a fabulous hump day. 

P.s. Wall sits suck.

1 comment:

  1. At least you can do a sit up. I'm doing the 30 day abs, and I can't do one by myself. I have to have help.


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