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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Today sucked.

  Overal Tater has been so easy. He doesn't cry much, always smiles, and is a pretty great sleeper. Today we had a whole new battle to deal with. Reflux. 
   Infant reflux is a son of a bitch... He kept choking on his bottles, and then screaming when I pulled them away. Not only did he scream so loud it scared me, but he got so worked up he would throw up everything he had just eaten. He would then scream more because he'd be covered in vomit. ( I would silently cry, because I too was a crusty vomit rag.)
 What. The. Fuck. 
To the parents that deal with collicy, reflux babies all the time... Bless you. Seriously, you rock.
After hours of frustration for both of us, the littlest beast is finally asleep.

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