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Monday, January 29, 2018

 Cravings are the strangest part of life. They come with such force and intensity. They know exactly what they want.... They make your brain itch, twitch, and salivate until you get that craving into your body. Sometimes we have these cravings because we are missing something from our diet. Other times it's a mind/matter thing... We cave, or we fight off the cravings with something"good enough." It's a human nature thing, not just a pregnancy thing.
 Food cravings are easy to satisfy. As a pregnant woman I appreciate the donut holes that I'm craving even if they don't align with my diet plan. When I first got pregnant with Tater I knew I would have them. I waited for my first craving to come. When it did, the craving was gas station taqitos of all things. Then my cravings evolved into things I was less ashamed to eat. As my pregnancy came to end I figured the cravings would go away. Once again they evolved. When you're a parent you crave new things... Things that can't be bought in a gas station at 3am.  You crave alone time, adult interaction, the option for a scolding hot meal, and my personal favorite; silence.
                                             Related image
 Tonight I am craving total and utter silence. Usually when I have this craving for the absence of noise, quiet will do. Not tonight. I need the void of all sound. It's been a week, to say the least. Between all of us battling the flu, Sasquatch staying home, the coughing, sneezing, barfing, dog howling, and the constant hum of a humidifier I am done with noise. Even the sound of my own nasally breathing was beginning to annoy me. This bone deep craving was one that my mental health couldn't afford to ignore.
 I listened to my soul telling me to cut the noise. I made my bed, and began to turn down the volume. My phone went silent, and my watch off. All the TVs in the house were dark, and the video monitor was muted. I sat on my bed waiting. There was still noise. The gentle whistle of the wind blowing through the narrow strip between our suburban house seeped through the window. The ceiling fan whirled above me, motor softly humming. The light bulb next to somehow managing to buzz. I said "no."
 I closed the window tightly, shut off my ceiling fan, and turned out my lamp. I closed my eyes and listened. There. was. still. noise. Why?
 I listened closely for what exactly was making the last tiny but of sound. Did my dog always breathe so obnoxiously? I kicked him out of my bedroom. Sorry dog, you have to go right now. He looked at me with his sad, brown eyes as I closed the door in his face. My bed called me back. Again, I listened. The candle I had lit was making the slightest flickering noise. Not today, candle. I blew it out with one hasty, slightly annoyed breath and waited. I waited for the next minuscule noise to disturb my craving.
                                           There was only silence.
 I seized my opportunity and closed my eyes. The blanket of silence laid on my shoulders like a warm hug. Pure satisfaction of fulfilling a craving swept me from my feet and carried me in it's gently arms. This was better than any donut hole, or corn dog nugget. Simon and Garfunkel were right; there is a sound of silence, and tonight that was the sound of pure bliss. I stayed stationary for 15 minutes. I focused on the absence of noise. I listened to my breathing, as nasally as it is. I heard the light crinkle my pants made when shifting. I heard nothing more then the sound of my own mind shutting off just for a few minutes. No timers, cries, nose blows, or dog chirps.
 The silence was like my own mental health tech support turning the power off, and then back on again. Instead of them resetting my network connectivity, it reset my patience, spirit, and joy.
  My life is noisy, and pure chaos. It's crammed with busy schedules, silly songs, sticky fingers, and full hearts. My 15 minutes of soul resetting silence was everything I needed. It reminded me of all the things I love in this household, and mess. I love the laughter, the love, and even the damn dog with annoying breathing. I needed my reset.
 I know you've read me mumble on about self care, but dear god it's so important. Even just my 15 minutes of silence, followed by 30 minutes of me writing (so only keys clicking) really fixed my exhausted spirit. I feel like tonight I can actually rest, and not just have my eyes closed for a few hours.
 As I come back to my noise filled reality I will hold on to the sound of silence. Indulge in your mental health cravings, friends. It's worth it.


Monday, January 8, 2018

  Holy cow. I am well over half way through this second pregnancy. It's unbelievable how insanely fast #2 goes. I know that logically it's all the same time frame, but I've blinked and I'm in my final 100 days of pregnancy. There is so much that I completely blocked out of my mind from Tater's pregnancy. Everyday something new happens and I'll say to the Sasquatch "This never happened with Tater!" He usually laughs at me and tells me that yes it did happen, and it happened a lot. I don't ever remember having HORRIBLE gas last go around, but dear god this time.... I'll spare you the gruesome details.
 Things are different this go around. I started this pregnancy at a healthier weight, and with a healthier mind. I'm definitely not taking the old "eating for two" myth seriously. I'm also managing my weight gain and diet. I don't worry about every little pain, pull, nudge, and bump. The new Mom paranoia is gone, and replaced with a some what relaxed attitude. B isn't gaining sympathy weight either, nor does he rush out in the middle of the night for my cravings. Dude made me go get my own Grape Nuts last week, which were not worth it, by the way. Overall this go around is so much easier, I really don't have MUCH to complain about but there are a few things I wish I could change.
 1)Being anemic is a bitch. Did you know when you take Iron supplements there is a chance your poop will turn black? Yeah I didn't know that until it happened... That was a really fun Google search.
2)Sciatic nerve pain can actually suck my asshole.
3) Why don't more places have expectant mother parking? I'm creating life universe, cater to me damnit.

                                 Other than those 3 things, I can't complain. 
 Looking back on how my first pregnancy was, and all the things I didn't know, I thought I would make a list of helpful products for the expecting Mama. These are things that I'm absolutely using this go around too. Really this post is just a smorgisboard of ranting, knowledge, and way too much information about my bowels. 
 First trimester was a carb shit show, and I won't lie to you, some days it still is. Sometimes the power of cheese fries totally overcomes my want to not gain weight. BUT I'm trying really hard. Being low carb and pregnant isn't impossible, and sometimes it's second nature. Now that I'm not nauseous 100% of the time I can tolerate all of my favorites. The biggest thing to low carb success is keeping it super simple, I've said that not pregnant. Being a vessel for life, raising a Tater, trying to keep up with housework AND making fancy low carb meals just isn't happening. So we eat simple, delicious meals and it's awesome! I don't struggle like I used to come up with meals. I just throw some shit together and BAM! Dinner is served. 
  Halo Top Ice Cream has been a GOD SEND. The waffle flavor has actually changed my life. Cheese is a major staple. per usual too. I bought size 10 maternity jeans and I firmly believe that is because of the low carb diet I'm trying to stick too! 
 Let's chat about helpful things for a minute, before I sign off~
                                        Products for MAMA! I'll include links too.
 I struggle with dry skin in general, but during pregnancy I turn into this scale-y lizard person. With having a previous pregnancy, and a 70 pound weight loss under my belt, I was pretty worried about my dry skin making my stretch marks worse this go around. I LOVE Palmer's lotion, all of it. The Mama butter is no exception to that rule. It's affordable, smells like love, and doesn't leave me feeling greasy.  I use the kind in the pump bottle. You can grab it at Target, or from Amazon HERE.  Typically I put on right before bed every night, and after I shower. I've even been using it on my arms because I love the smell. 
                    Image result for palmers belly butter
 My body needs some extra support these days, probably because having a 3 year old boy is rapidly aging me. I had to buy a really sexy maternity support band. Now ladies, be careful wearing these because they absolutely will bring all the boys to your yard. The support belt makes it so my vagina doesn't feel like it's totally going to fall out. I only feel minimal "fallage." You can buy the one I got HERE. Read reviews, and talk with your Doctor too. 
                               Image result for pregnancy support belt
 Finally the last thing that I can't live without right now is epsom salts. Soaking totally helps with the general aches and pains of pregnancy! I buy mine at Target, and it comes with lavender essential oil in it. PRO TIP! Add shavings of fresh ginger into your bath for extra relief! 


Monday, January 1, 2018

   One of the most dreaded phrases in all of parenthood happens when your kid is 2-3. I'm talking about the granddaddy of them all. Potty Training. Now before you run screaming in the other direction, this is not your typical potty training Mom Blog post. I'm not going to tell you that everything was fine and dandy! My kid actually shit under my kitchen table, in my carpeted dining room.  I'm not going to pretend that I didn't have to bribe my kid with chocolate, and Hot Wheels. I'm not above bribery, and if you want your kid to pee in the potty you shouldn't be either. I will absolutely not leave out the stressful, shitty (LITERALLY SHITTY) mess that is potty training.
Let's Start from the beginning.
 I decided that I wanted to start potty training while pregnant, because I love to torture myself. Really I just wanted one less reason to give Target more money. Let's be real though, I just wanted to use that $26.99 elsewhere inside Target, like on the Magnolia line. (Side note- curse you Chip and Joanna Gaines. Please adopt me.....) Also my dear friend J really lit the fire under my ass, because of her successful training with her sweet baby girl. She was totally my rock and guidance for this whole journey. Even though potty training gave her shingles. You can read that story HERE.
 Potty Training is really like a years long process. We started at 18 months by getting a little toilet (because I was one of those Moms that was like "Oh!We will totally be potty trained before 2!) Let's all take a moment to laugh at that. Kids, especially boys typically potty train closer to 3. Boys are known to have a hard time, and are more likely to regress. Yay boy moms!  Getting the 'kid potty' that early was actually great because it got him used to the idea of sitting naked on a cold foreign object. I would sit his little butt on the potty before baths, and he'd laugh. The mini whiz palace sat in the downstairs bathroom for about a year, being used as a stool. Then at 2.5 I was really gung-ho about starting the true potty training journey. I checked out all the books my library had to offer. I looked at every other Mom blog post, and Pinterest article I could find. Let me save you sometime, so many of them suck. The best method I could find, which happened to be the one J used was the Potty Training in 3 Days. Now I'm going to warn you. There is a really good chance you are going to start, and stop this process like 5 times. I know I had made 5 separate attempts to do this, and I'd made it 5 hours and say "fuck it, we need to leave the house." When you finally decided it is truly time you have to push through. 3 Days at home is so worth not changing diapers anymore.
  Disclaimer: This is what worked for us, so please don't feel like you're a failure if it doesn't work for you. Like parenting, potty training is really a "make your own way" type ordeal. There is no one right way to do.  
 You can buy THIS book and read all about why this method works, or if you're lazy you can just skim this article for how I adapted it to our needs. The basic idea behind the 3 day potty training is this:
Day One: You let your kid run around totally naked, like a feral mountain child. Every few minutes you set them on the potty. This day includes a lot of liquids, and a few floor puddles of urine.
Day Two: Same as day 1, but with underwear on. So slightly less feral child.
Day Three: Leave the house. Boom, your little heathen is potty trained, and your hair is only slightly grey.
  I know that all of this sounds absolutely freaking nuts. The idea that your kid will learn to use the toilet in 3 days is crazy, but it absolutely worked for us. "Ripping the band aid off fast" if you will. Now, we made some adjustments to the plan. Be prepared for basically 3 days of staying indoors. Our 3 days went down like this...
 Day One: We woke up and said "Bye bye!" to his diaper. I let him throw it in the trash, which was exciting for him. Then I made a special breakfast where Tater got a special treat. We did orange juice (which we don't do often) in order to get him to drink a ton of liquids. Seriously you want your kid to understand the sensation of a full bladder, and when to pee. I explained that he can't pee or poop on the floor and that he has to go potty. We had 3 potty options, a toddler potty, a potty seat for the big toilet, and the regular toilet. I let him choose what he wanted. He HATES the potty seat (huge waste of 13 dollars.) So we started off on the big toilet, ironically using the little toilet as a step stool to get on the big potty. I sat him down on the toilet until he peed. Thankfully I had Halloween candy, so I taped them to the wall. Every pee he got some M&M's. This made it so that peeing was exciting. (Don't start with the sanctimonious "sugar is so bad" I know that. I know a child on sugar is not a good thing, but sometimes you have to do what works. Sex sells for adults, sugar sells for kids. It's basic science!)
 After the first pee you need to make sure that there are fluids within an arms reach. I set a timer for every 10 minutes. I made the dinging sound on the timer fun. I would get obnoxiously excited and sing a song about going potty. It's amazing what kids can get you to do... We would dance our way to the potty and try to go. If your kid goes to the bathroom be over the top excited! Cheering, clapping, saying "yay!!!!" in that really obnoxious Mom voice that we all establish when we enter labor and delivery. The more comfortable, and excited your kid is, the easy this gets. The timer could stress your little one out, so adapt as needed. All of parenthood is literally adapting as needed, why would potty training be different?
 Accidents are inevitable. So don't let that discourage you! When an accident happens make sure you explain that we have to use the potty. Do not make it a punishment. Keep this whole experience as positive as possible. Pooping is harder than peeing, so if you go the incentive route have something different for poops. We did Hot Wheels for poops, because my kids love language is race cars, and M&M's for peeing.
 We did not start potty training over night, so at bed time we went into a Pull Up, after one last potty.

Day Two: This is the day you start underwear. I suggest having AT LEAST 20 pairs of character underwear. Do a character your kids are familiar with. We chose Paw Patrol, and Thomas the train. Before you put the underwear on show your kiddo the character and explain that "Marshall doesn't like to be peed on, so we have to use the potty!"
 This is all basically the same as day one, except instead of the timer I simply asked if he had to potty every 10 minutes. Tater went a few hours in between pees, and that is okay! I texted J in a panic because he wasn't peeing. Thank god for her level headedness! Here is where day two gets a little tricky. Toddlers are a lot smarter than they get credit for. They are absolutely on to you by  day two, so a little defiance will happen. Tater looked at from across the room and peed his pants with the most evil look on his face. Don't react. When accidents happen, walk your toddler into the bathroom and again explain that they HAVE to pee in the potty. I even sit him on the potty even though he just peed. Stay calm, and DO NOT give up. You are too far in it now. Day two really makes you want to throw in the towel, but push through. Maybe have a nice bottle of wine in the fridge, or a Costco sheet cake for after bedtime.  I can't stress this enough DO NOT GIVE UP.

 Day Three: The make or break day. This is the day where you put your toddlers new skills to the test. This is where you leave the house. We chose to use the "leaving the house" as a reward. In the morning we said to "If you go potty on the potty all day, we will go to Cabela's and see the fish!" Tater loves Cabela's.  We did a normal day for breakfast and fluids, but I still made sure to ask if he needed to potty every few minutes. Before we left the house we used the bathroom. (Make sure you bring an extra set of clothes with you. Pants, underwear and socks. I also found a plastic bag helpful for any pee soaked clothes. ) Once you arrive at your destination book it to the bathroom, even if they say they don't have to go. Make them try. Stay at your destination for a while so they get used to going potty in a new place. Ask every few minutes if they have to go. Try to go before leaving too. Keep up the encouraging words, and actions. You've officially made it through potty training, even though the works not over. There are going to be accidents because after all, your kid is still learning.
 If by day 3 your kid still isn't getting it, that is okay. It could mean he/she isn't ready yet. Take a 10 day break and try again.
Things you need to know about potty training:
 1) You're going to be mentally exhausted. This was like the mind workout of the century. Keeping your cool is absolutely vital. It has to be something fun, or your kid won't do it.
2) Potty training doesn't mean you are done wiping butts. This is something that never occurred to me, and no one told me. You still have to wipe your kids butt for them, so keep dreaming.
3)Baking soda and vinegar do wonders for pee smells.
4) You will repeat yourself a lot.
  So what do you need for this big adventure? Besides wine, faith, and a good friend to kick you in the ass. Here is a list of websites and products I used for our potty training adventure.
Image result for potty training gif
 The Potty Chair-
The Potty Seat (that was a huge waste)-
Carpet Cleaner (Seriously this stuff will change your life)-

HELPFUL LINKS (besides this beautifully thought out blog post)


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

 A few months back I changed the name of this festive little blog to Raising Taters. S- as in plural Taters. At the time there were not plural Taters, but now there is! We have another sweet (and sassy) little boy on the way!
 If you follow me on social media, you know all of this, but I waited to post it to the blog for quite a few reasons. 1) I completely forgot that I didn't blog about it.
                     2) I wanted to get to viability.
 If you don't know what viability it is, it's when the baby can survive outside of the womb. We are there so I'm sharing! Tater could actually careless about being a big brother. He knows there is a baby in Mom's belly, but let's be real... He has absolutely no idea that a shit storm is coming. So far I'm feeling great, other than the usual pregnancy symptoms. First trimester sucked, I think that's a given. The nausea was random, yet endless. Zofran made the nausea stop, but the constipation came full blast... or not blast. The migraines followed.   I think when you have a baby you completely black out the first trimester, because I don't remember the symptoms being that bad. That's probably why we have more kids, honestly.
 The second trimester eased the nausea, but brought heartburn in it's place. Followed by aching joints, smell aversions, and swollen feet. Nothing extreme, but still not the perfect pregnancy we all dream of! Root vegetable #2 is healthy, and growing on track! He is set to make his appearance in the Spring, and we are terrified. I mean excited. I promise to update more on this pregnancy as we get further along!
  I am also working on a series for low carb pregnancy so stay tuned!

Monday, October 9, 2017

 It’s been 9 months since the beginning of my ketogenic journey. I’ve been so fortunate to find the best support in the world. The Ketogenic community is one like any other. I’ve been able to share stories, connect with others, and relate to the struggles that come with kicking sugar.
  Sweets were/are the hardest thing for me to kick. I love sweets, but what reformed carb addict doesn’t? Sure there are “cheater” keto sweets, but often the calories are totally empty. Wasting calories sucks, well it does when you’re counting them. Protein bars from Kirkland are great, but really weren’t hitting my sweet craving. Plus the texture kind of freaked me out. It was like chewing gum.  
 I had given up when something glorious happened… I saw a post on Instagram about a new product called “Keto Brownie.” Now at first I was just as skeptical as all of you. I don’t like being disappointed. The second I tried the Keto Brownie angels sung. The product has no sugar alcohols, which means no bad stomach reactions. It’s not like a traditional brownie but I loved every morsel of it! The decadent hint of almond changed  me, and added a depth of flavor. The texture was chewy, but not offensive. The flavor is absolutely perfect, not too sweet but gets the sweet tooth satisfied. The Keto Brownie almost reminds me of the cookie that's on the outside of ice cream sandwiches.
 With my new found love I decided to make a few dessert type dishes with the Keto Brownie. Two of my favorite desserts are Trifles, and ice cream sandwiches. Keto Brownie is the PERFECT brownie for this.

 If you don’t know what a triffle is, it’s a layered dessert with a cake/brownie/cookie stacked with a whipped topping. Almost like a dessert lasagna, but served in a pretty glass bowl. They’re perfect to make individual dessert cups for a party! I usually make them for when we have BBQ’s and other events. The simplicity and deliciousness speaks for it self.
 The first step to making a killer trifle is the whipped cream. I’m 100% a whipped cream snob. You can use store bought, but there really is nothing like fresh, homemade goodness. 
  Start with 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream. The fresher the better. Pour the heavy cream into a bowl. I use 5 packets of stevia, because I’m lazy and buy the packets. Begin whipping the cream with the mixer. Add the stevia one packet, or one teaspoon at a time. Then pour in a teaspoon of almond extract. 
Whip at a medium/high speed. Watch the texture of the cream.
I like to add a teaspoon of almond extract, instead of the traditional vanilla. The almond flavor in the whipped cream compliments the brownie well. When soft peaks have formed in the whipped cream stop mixing. Cover the bowl and set it in the fridge. 
 Grab two small glass jars, or clear glass bowls. One Keto Brownie will make two mini trifles. Unwrap the brownie, and grab a knife. You’re going to cut it in half like you would cut a bagel. Now you have two thin, full length bars.

    I like to cut each half into 8 pieces. Set 3 pieces at the bottom of each cup. Grab your whipped cream and dollop a good amount on top of the brownie. Then place 3 more pieces on top of the whipped cream, and repeat the whipped cream. The last two pieces I like to crumble, and place on top! If you’re feeling extra fancy add a few strawberry slices on top for the perfect low carb dessert!


I love ice cream sandwiches. LOVE them. It’s been hard to give them up but I’m so happy I found an alternative. 
 You’re going to start with cutting the Keto Brownie in half like a bagel again. Grab a sheet of parchment paper and roll out the two halves so they’re thinner! This will make it the PERFECT ice cream sandwich texture. 

 I use Halo Top as my ice cream of choice, but you can use any low carb ice cream. For this test batch I used Halo Top’s Oatmeal cookie. I can’t get enough of it lately! I took 1 1/2 servings of Halo Top and let it soften. This took about 25 minutes of being on my counter. On the parchment paper, liberally spread the soft ice cream on top of the Brownie halves. Stack the halves like a traditional ice cream sandwich. Wrap in parchment paper, and chill for 30 minutes before serving. 

Overall, the KetoBrownie is the most versital, tasty product that I've tried in a while! I can't wait for them to expand! You can order yours HERE! Go support this growing business!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

 When we start getting more comfortable with parenthood, we get a little cocky. "We've got this, we can handle anything!" We've all been there...
  WRONG. Just when I think I have a firm grasp on the balls that are parenthood, I am slapped off my pearly white pedestal with a crisp slap of reality. Here is that reality today.
   I have no clue how to parent my toddler.
 There it is in large, bold text. I even centered it, so you know this is serious. 12 point font really just wasn't getting the point across. I've spent the better part of the last 6 months trying to find my role. I've read the parenting books (that I typically don't like) from all ends of the spectrum. I've read the crunchy mom guidelines about being a parent that blows positivity and glitter out of their dirt star, to the books the say everything I'm feeling. For example, "Like serial killers toddlers lack empathy." (Toddlers are Assholes and it's not your fault by the HILARIOUSLY brilliant Bumni Laditian. Read it.) These books are all so great. Really, they are! They help so many people. Yet here I sit, on my bed surrounded by laundry, and broken dreams still not knowing what the fuck I'm doing. If my life were an emoji it would be this one...
                                                     Image result for what emoji
 Every. single. day is something different. Just when I think my book is full of tricks I realize that I truly know nothing and my toddler is outsmarting me. He knows he's smarter than I am too. Just the other day I told him to do something. He shot back the cheesiest, evilest little grin while replying with a firm "No thanks." At least he's polite? I often find myself staring into his beautiful blue eyeballs, wondering how such a tiny human can be so amazing, and terrifying all at once. I know I'm not alone in feeling this way, because I see the same "type" of Mom standing next to me in the "parenting help" section looking confused, tired, and mentally over it. The books fly off the shelves, and Mom blogs are more popular then ever. The other day I sat with two books on my nightstand that totally contradicted one another leaving me more lost then when I started. I took to the online forums which was a huge mistake because sanctimommies flock like seagulls to a french fry when you ask about discipline. *Squaaaack know better, do better squaaaaaack* Did I mention I hate SanctiMommies?  I tried taking a little bit of advice from everything I read. So far somethings are working, some aren't. I'm still on the verge of insanity but I'm learning. It's okay to have no clue what you are doing.
  What it boils down to is this simple message. No one has any idea what the fuck they are doing. They can pretend all they want. The harsh reality is kids are insane, but we love them. We are never going to know exactly what to do for every single kid, because like pimples all kids are different. Go with the flow, learn as you go, and make sure there is one place in your house where you can lock yourself in for 38 seconds of sanity. 
 I think of it this way, this kid has lived longer than all of my house plants. Can I get an Amen?


Here are links to all the parenting books I've read incase you want to let them sit on your coffee table for a few months, before sending them to goodwill.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

             Image result for self care gif

 Before my mental illness reached the climax of it’s existence, I always thought self care was about physical care, not mental. I thought of things like, going to the salon, or taking a hot silent bath.  Back then I was right. It was amazing what a fresh coat of nail polish, and 10 minutes of adele could do. Things got different, as they do after having a baby.  A trip to the nail salon left me anxious, uptight, and nauseous. I had no time to take a bath, and I really didn’t want to sit in silence. Silence was scary. 
  I knew I had to take care of myself, or I couldn’t take care of my son. But how? How does one practice self care when your whole world revolves around a baby? I did the typical Pinterest search
        Self Care for Moms.
  Take a soothing bath, listen to music, go get a pedicure, go get a massage, talk with a friend, go to an animal shelter. 
   All of those suggestions made my stomach curl. I didn’t want to be anywhere near other people, or in public. The very idea of stepping out of my comfort zone, or putting on pants actually caused the deepest, soul clenching panic one could imagine. So I sat with my infant, and let my depression, and anxiety build into something massive. 
  As my life progressed, I decided, well my husband actually decided that I need SOMETHING. So I opened my laptop one day and just started writing. I poured out every emotion that I could in the way I knew best. I spared no shameful frustration, or dirty detail- and I mean dirty. I talked about diapers, vomit, tears, and everything in between. After writing a few “essays” if you will I shared one with the ladies I had gotten close with on my BirthBoard. They all laughed, while encouraging me to share more. I love the feeling of making people laugh. It’s almost soul cleansing, knowing that your words or actions can change someones mood. I felt like my essays were relatable, which is why they got a laugh. There was no “perfect parent” talk, or showing off. It was all real moments in our every day life. So every night I carved out at least 30 minutes where I could spill everything I was feeling. The more I wrote, the better I felt. My light was finally lit again, after so long. I enjoyed my quiet time, and sometimes I even wrote when my life wasn’t quiet. 
 After a few more weeks, I decided to further my sharing by starting a blog. I told myself;
            Even if no one reads it, at least this will make you feel okay.
  With the blog started, I just let it flow. Every emotion poured out of me, in the snarky, humorous way that I spoke. The more and more readers I got, the crazier it all got. The feedback was warming my damaged soul. Even when the negative feed back came in, it still meant someone was taking the time out of their day to read what I wrote. 
  Now, two years later writing is my safe space. I was lucky enough to be given a writing prompt journal from my best friend. It’s filled with 300 questions, and space to answer them. They make me dig deep into my emotions, and sometimes they make me laugh. I also journal, for when writing a post, or filling in a prompt just aren’t doing it for me. 

   Self care isn’t the same for everyone. You have to soul search to find out what works best for you. It may take a few tries, but never get discouraged. Practicing self care has made me a better wife, a more patient mom, and truer version of myself. 

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